Manage Automated Posts

The manage posts area allows you to see what date and time any future posts are scheduled and it also allows you to block any posts that you'd prefer not to go to your Facebook business page.

Your home page will show you a snapshot of upcoming posts, but you can see all scheduled posts by selecting the Manage Posts button:


  1. Post Throttle: This will show you what your post throttle is currently set to. It is the max number of posts that will go to your account in a day. Note: There are typically three posts scheduled a day, you will not get more posts than what are scheduled, the throttle simply sets the absolute maximum
  2. Status: This will show the status of your account.
  3. Total Upcoming Posts: This will tell you the number of posts that are scheduled. Posts are typically scheduled on a Friday for the following Tuesday - Monday.
  4. Scheduled Delivery: This is when the post will first start attempting to push to your Facebook business page. Although the first attempt is typically successful, there may be times where it takes longer to show on your Facebook business page.
  5. Opt-Out By: This is the latest time you will be able to block the post. Once past the Opt-Out time, the post can no longer be blocked from going out. (You can delete the post from your Facebook business page after it posts in this case.)
  6. Block: If you see a post you do not want to go to your page, you can select the Block button to prevent it from going out.


To restrict travel types from deals, set your post throttle, or restrict destinations, go to your Customer Profile.